The Timebuyer Autodealership Difference
Drive it Away, Take Time to Pay.
The Timebuyer logo - True Blue!

The Timebuyer logo - True Blue!

Timebuyer - The Different Auto Dealership

Apparently, not having stellar credit when you need to buy a car is no longer an impediment for the average.person. There’s a company called Timebuyer where they act as not only the dealership that sells the vehicle, but also the finance company. As such Timebuyer doesn’t have to rely on a credit bureau number to determine someone’s eligibility to purchase a vehicle.

As they say below, they’re the, “auto dealership that sees you as a person, and not just a credit score.”

Looking for an auto dealership that sees you as a person, and not just a credit score?

If so, Timebuyer’s your place!

For all those with bruised, dinged, or damaged credit Timebuyer is the car dealership for you! Timebuyer doesn’t use credit reports to determine your eligibility for your vehicle loan, so a poor credit score will not cause you to be denied a loan. That’s just one facet of the Timebuyer difference.

This means that when Timebuyer says, “Even a bankruptcy won’t disqualify you.” they really mean it!

Timebuyer has expanded its line of cars, trucks, and mini-vans in 2011 to now include more upscale ’07 and ’08 vehicles with many options such as; heated seats, leather, moon roofs, and more!

This new line of vehicles will augment an already strong inventory of more economical vehicles already being carried.

Now Timebuyer customers will have many more options from which to decide when they come in to experience the Timebuyer difference.

So if you’re looking for a used vehicle, you owe it to yourself to visit Timebuyer today.